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The President

Jean-Claude Fourtier was born in a small village near Langres.
On completing his studies he became a mathematics teacher in Langres for over forty years.
Jean-Claude Fourtier has been active in local non-profit organisations for many years. In the last fifteen years he focused his attention on pictorial arts which have become his main passion. in 1992, he gathered a group of artists and started staging exhibitions for them and then founded the REMP-ARTS art society.
This society has clear objectives: to launch young new artists, exhibit confirmed artists and promote the City of Langres.

The managing team

Vice-President: Melek Rutter
Vice-President: Sylvette Guillon
Secretary: Annie Gerphagnon
Treasurer: Marie-Jeanne Ragon

Association Remp-Arts - -
Président: Mr Jean-Claude FOURTIER 60 rue Paul Claudel 52200 Langres - Tél. 03 25 87 48 02