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From the height of its limestone plateau, the city of Langres rests on nearly 2000 years of a rich history. Strolling on the 3,5 km long bulwark walls or through the narrow alleys of halberdiers, visitors can discover the main monuments of the city such as: Saint Mammès Cathedral, the Maison Renaissance, the Tower of Navarre, the Museum of Art and History...
The Tourist Office website of the Langres area is the ideal tool to prepare your visit: you will find the list of hotels and accomodation, restaurants, the opening hours of the city monuments, an indication of natural sites, cultural sites, local craftmanship, local gourmet delicacies, trekking paths, outdoor activities at the "4 lacs" lake area, suggestions for nights out...
The exhibitions of Remp-Arts are supported by the "Journal de la Haute-Marne".
Inaugurated on Octobre 11th, 2008 the Charles de Gaulle memorial museum situated at Colombey-les-deux-églises a few kilometers away from Langres, offers a new perspective on the life and legacy of Charles de Gaulle.

Langres City Hall

The bulwark walls of the city

Charles de Gaulle

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