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Presentation of the Remp-Arts Art Society

The REMP-ARTS society, officialy founded on June 5th 2002, is the continuation of the informal organisation presided by Jean-Claude Fourtier since 1996.

The society is dedicated to the promotion of art in the Langres city area:
- by allowing talented artists to exhibit their works,
- by helping young talents.

Langres is a city with a rich historical and artistic past and is one of the fifty most beautiful cities in France. Langres saw the birth of Jeanne Mance (co-founder of the city of Montréal), Denis Diderot (father of the Encyclopedia), the painter Jules Ziegler (who painted the ceiling of the Madeleine church in Paris, created potteries and was one of the first photographers), the painter and engraver Nicolas Robert...A few miles from Langres lies the village of Colombey-les-deux-Églises where General de Gaulle lived for many years and is buried.

The society is headquartered at the Langres city hall.

The founding members are: Mr Pierre Dziegiel, Mr Jean-Claude Fourtier, le Docteur Pierre Gariot, Mr Régis Pauthier, Mr Jean-Paul Pizelle, Mr Denis Raclot, Mr Michel Riviere and Mrs Janine Vidonne .

The 2013 REMP-ARTS exhibition will take place from April 13th to May 1st 2013 under the title "Remp-Arts looks with a new eye at the Encyclopedia" at the Jean Favre Hall in Langres.

To the right, poster of the 2013 exhibition.

Affiche de l'exposition 2013

Association Remp-Arts - -
Président: Mr Jean-Claude FOURTIER 60 rue Paul Claudel 52200 Langres - Tél. 03 25 87 48 02