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Overview of exhibitions from 1996 to 2007:

1996: Euro-Expo with MICHEL-HENRY as guest of honor and the artists from the Langres twin cities (Abbiategrasso, Ellwangen, Beaconsfield and Montréal).

1997: Isabelle Duret-Dujarric with works originating from the city of San in Mali.

1998: Simone Fevre.

1999: Georges Trincot.

2000: Mad-Jarova, Camilla Adami and Nisa Chevènement

2001: A. Koizumi, Saito, Takahashi in partership with the Japanese Consulate.

2003: Spring exhibition with Thos and the artists of the Langres region.
Summer exhibition with Zacchi and the artists from the twin cities. Total attendance of 3 700 visitors.;

2004: Homage to the local artists from the Langres region with Jules Ziegler, Joseph Dutailly, Guy Baillet and Jules Testevuide.
Acadia, the home country of Jeanne Mance.
Total attendance of over 6 400 visitors.

2005: Georges Hosotte and Mad Jarova are the guests of honor plus the participation of local artists.
Homage to Charles Royer, Georges Rousselle and Annie Vitry.
Total attendance of over 5 000 visitors.

2006: The theme of the exhibition is "L'Arbre dans tous ses Etats" (the tree from all its angles) with Diane Dufresne as guest of honor and 9 foreign countries represented (Germany, Canada, South Korea, Haïti, Italy, Nepal, Poland, Russia and Senegal).
This exhibition was presented at the Bourbonne-les-Bains City Museum during summertime.
Completion of an 80 page leaflet a 1 000 copies of which were printed . Total attendance exceeds 5 000 visitors.

2007: Michèle Battut is the guest of honor with the artists of the Musée de la Marine (Navy Museum) of Paris.
This was followed by an homage to Antoine Bourgeois, Paul Démery, Denis Diderot, Anette Camus and Adulph Ernest Toussaint.
Total attendance exceeds again 5 000 visitors.

Picture by Alain Bonnefoit

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