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2013 Spring Exhibition of Remp-Arts:

REMP-ARTS organizes its 2012 exhibition as part of the celebrations of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Diderot under the title Langres Diderot 2013.

The 2013 REMP-ARTS exhibition will take place from April 13th to May 1st 2013 under the title "Remp-Arts looks with a new eye at the Encyclopedia" at the Jean Favre Hall in Langres.

The following painters participate in the exhibition: Gérard Bachelet, Claudette Bazin Mehani, Simon Bohbot, Michèle Bruel-Rupp, Jacques Goupil, MICHEL-HENRY, Monique Journod, Pierre Lambert, Dragan Mihailovic, Gil Pottier, Christiane Rosset, Marie Schnebelen, Michèle Taupin and Patrick Waravka.

The following sculptors also participate pn the exhibition: Daniel Chanson, Sylvie Koechlin, Jean Lemonnier, Noël Thomann and Nancy Vuylstecke de Laps.

Finally conferences will be held on the following subjects:
- Nicolas Douette-Richardot (pioneer of agricultural development) by Mr Alain Catherinet,
- The Langres crockery oven by Ms Renée Marcout,
- The Buffon iron works by their current owner Mr Claude Veyssière-Pomot,
- The Nogent and Langres cutlery by Mr Jean-Marie Roulot,
with knives from the time of Diderot and scissors created in Nogent by Jean-Marie Roulot for LD13 with the figurehead of the encyclopédist.

To the right the poster of the 2013 exhibition by B. Meslin.

Link with the website of Langres Diderot 2013:

To access the Langres Diderot 2013 website, click on the icon below:
Affiche de l'exposition 2012

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