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2011 Spring Exhibition of Remp-Arts:

From May 7rd to 22nd at the Chapel of the Collège Diderot.

Inauguration of the exhibition at the Collège Diderot on May 6th at 6 pm (invitation required).

List of artists to be exhibited:

Nicole Avezard, Claudette Bazin-Mehani, Marie-Claude Bosc, Odile Bron, Michèle Bruel-Rupp, Nini Cavin, Philippe Chardon, Samba Cisse, Jean Delêtre, EMMALY, Françoise Hannequin, Andréa Huc, Christine Manzoni, Dragan Mihailovic, Jean-Michel Peltier, Nicole Poucet et Manuel Rubalo.

Associate members taking part to the exhibition: Michel Fleurigeon, Christian Jacques and Jean-Paul Romand.

Homage to Jean Favre.

Exhibition of china from Giey-sur-Aujon.

Guest country: Mexico

Mexican artists on show: Abel Vazquez, Augustin Casas, Ruben Maya and Salvatore Mestre.

"Mexican school of painting" created by Siqueros.


Lucienne fait sa Vamp avec Solange on May 15th at 5pm at the Jean Favre hall with Nicole Avezard (who also exhibits her paintings). For more details click see the website of the artist by clicking on the poster to the right:

Affiche de l'exposition 2011

Affiche du spectacle 2011 -->

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