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2010 Spring Exhibition of Remp-Arts:

List of artists to be exhibited:

Annick Aubert, Jacqueline Baumann-Gérard, Michèle Bruel-Rupp, Philippe Chardon, Anne Clabaux, Christian Delacour, Jean Delêtre, Bernard Deschamps, Jean-Luc Desgranges, Jean-Paul Fouache, Annie Hecklen, Gye-Sung Hwang, Nicole Jacob alias JANYC, Isabelle Jeandot, Charlotte Julian, Pierre Lambert, Claude Le Meilleur, Jean-Louis Leroux, Mireille Ménégoz, Michel-Henry, Olivia Pfiffelmann, Jean-Paul Romand, Gisèle Seyller and Dominique Veyre alias Garance.

Last minute guest: Lise Cormier.

Homage to Hector Guiot (pupil of Jules Ziegler), Antide Henry (grandfather of Michel Henry) and Alice Toulouse.

Crockery from the Auges, Crystal from Bayel and Inuit sculptures.

Other events:

Jean-Michel Frémont from the Compagnie des Trois Jumeaux read texts at the exhibition hall each sunday afternoon. Below the logo is a link to the website of this theatrical company.

Exhibition at the Tour Navarre from April 3rd to 18th with the participation of the association L'Art et Création from Bologne. Decoration by the pupils of the Lycée Horticole from Fayl-Billot. Below: view of the woodwork sustaining the roof of the Tour Navarre.

Concert by Charlotte Julian see details on the poster to the right). By clicking on the poster you have access to the singer website.

Signing, on saturday april 10th, of the book entitled "Le chant des tourterelles" by Mrs Sema Kilickaya.

Visit, on saturday april 3rd at 10 am, of the "Lycée Horticole" of Fayl-Billot (below, decoration by the pupils of the Lycée for the 2009 exhibition).

Affiche de l'exposition 2010

Affiche de l'exposition 2010

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