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Exhibition 2008: "Côté Femme et Art Inuit"

The exhibiion had Alain Bonnefoit as guest of honor and took place on two sites:
La chapelle of Diderot high school for "Côté Femme" and the Marcel-Arland library for the"Art Inuit"

At the Diderot high school the sculptors Roland Bernard, Daniel Carette, Samba Cisse, Michel Fleurigeon, Annie Monas, Roswitha Niedanowski, Jean-Michel Peltier and the photographs Philippe Chardon, Guy Salassa and Jean-Pierre Gerphagnon were exhibited.
Then REMP-ARTS paid homage to Marie Calves (1883-1957) painter of the wildlife set in the landscapes of the Haute-Marne area. At twelve she exhibited for the first time her canvas at the "salon des artistes français" an event for which she later became the Secretary. She died in Soncourt nearby Chaumont.

At the Marcel-Arland library and as part of the polar year, an homage was paid to the Inuit artists via the exhibition of 30 Inuit sculptures belonging to the Bernard and Caroline de Watteville foundation from Martigny (Switzerland).
The exhibition also included prints by Henry Napartuk belonging to the same collection exhibited at the Musée des Civilisations de Québec and photographs of the great north belonging to the de Watteville private collection.

To the right: poster from the 2008 exhibition by Eric Languenou.

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